Educating the Future Leaders. One gift at a time.

We are Arzoo Arts Collective, a small but motivated company based in Singapore, specializing in coasters and other products that depict Singapore and London scenes. We strive to provide accessible and one of a kind designs at affordable prices. We strive to offer our customers the best workmanship and impeccable material at their convenience.

If you’re looking for affordable home decor that will not only bring more color to your house, but will help to improve access to education in India and Singapore, you’re in the right place. ALL PROFITS from the sale of home decor products WILL be donated equally to education charities in India( Husti Initiative, as well as others) and Singapore. 


Each Home Decor Gift Directly Supports Children’s Education


       How does it work?

Artist- Nuzhat Kazi devotes hours to create each unique design depicting SingaporeLondon scenes etc

Supplier in India- Fashions Nuzhat’s unique designs into home decor products

Home Decor products are put on the market (AAC website etc)

100% of profits from sale of home decor product are donated to education centric charities in Singapore (50%) and India (50%)-Husti and other education charities

Education prospects for future leaders are increased

One home decor gift will go a long way in not only supporting children’s education in India and Singapore, but will also provide Artist- Nuzhat an avenue to put her artwork and passion towards something bigger than herself. Through the continued support and purchase of home decor gifts, children in India and Singapore will be able to continue their education with the right resources and environment they need to thrive.

The Team


Nuzhat Kazi

Founder, Artist, and Creative Director

She is an Architect and Urban Designer by training, but is presently a homemaker. She sketches, paints, sings Hindustani Music and writes poetry. She has painted since she was a teenager. Working mainly in acrylics she has recently ventured in oils. Her work is mostly realistic but recently she has painted some abstracts. She has participated in exhibitions in Singapore. Her paintings are in private collections in India and Singapore.


Roohi Kazi

Sales and Marketing Manager, Website Developer

Student at SAS will be graduating High School in June 2019, going to University in the U.S.

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Aaron Kazi

Sales Manager, Web Developer

Student at SAS will be graduating High School in June 2021. Helped Arzoo Arts Collective sell at various fairs.

                                         Our Story

Arzoo Arts Collective LLP is the brainchild of Nuzhat, Roohi and Aaron Kazi. The family used the home decor business to fulfil a school class Roohi was required to take called Catalyst in August of 2018.


The project started off during the annual summer vacation to India and the business was incorporated in August of 2018. What started of as a business that would take Nuzhat passion for art to the next level, evolved into a business that not only sold original artwork and photographs printed onto coasters etc, but also gave back to the community through supporting education centric charities in India and Singapore. They are committed to giving 100% of the proceeds to education centric charities based in India and Singapore.

Why Education centric charities?. 








In the future, the duo hope to expand to more countries like India, U.S etc to reach even more customers, and provide continuous support to Husti and other education centric charities.

The Problem: Within India and Singapore itself, there are still many people who lack access to education. At the more personal level, having a grandfather who has had to overcome the odds and who used the orphanage as a means to get an education, that has led us to the success we now have. It is our responsibility to support education in whatever way that we can.

An Offering of Colors



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