Arzoo Arts Collective LLP is the brainchild of Nuzhat, Roohi, Armaan, and Aaron Kazi. Nuzhat has participated in art exhibitions in Singapore and continues to paint in her free time. After working on bigger canvasses for 8 years she decided to experiment and paint coasters. She painted illustrations of Singapore and other designs as gifts for her friends. Furthermore, she donated a few painted sets of coasters to the school auction. It was wonderful for her to share her artwork with many more people in the community. 


Following her success at the auction, she thought, "Why not transform the paintings of Singapore and other abstract patterns into tangible gift items?" She painted detailed London and Singapore scenes and a few other themes and transformed these into 7 collections of home decor designs within a year. 


The home decor business Arzoo Arts Collective was born in July 2018. The project started off during the annual summer vacation to India and the business was incorporated in August of 2018. What started off as a business that would take Nuzhat's passion for art to the next level soon evolved. It transformed into a business that sold not only original artwork and photographs printed onto coasters etc but also gave back to the community through supporting education-centric charities in India and Singapore. Having worked on a fundraiser for Husti in the summer of 2016 and seen their dedication to children's education in India Arzoo Arts Collective decided to support them once again. We are committed to giving 100% of the proceeds to education-centric charities based in India and Singapore.



of Gray


Pretty Always


The Art

of  Life



and Pause


The Royals


Catchy Tunes


Education is the basis for the progress of rural and urban communities. If parents are educated they make sure their children get an education. Getting a basic education is an essential requirement that can change the family and its financial conditions as well as the entire community. As a family, we believe in giving back to the community especially to educational causes because not every child has the means or access to education. If children do not have a primary education they find it difficult to succeed.


In the future, Arzoo Arts Collective hopes to expand to more countries like India, Dubai, U.S, etc to reach even more customers, and provide continuous support to Husti and other education-centric charities.