We present a short preview of our events from the beginning of our journey as a home decor business. We participated in diverse, local and international school events like 'Shop for a cause' or 'Christmas Fairs'. We also held Zendoodle art activities for young and old, to help them concentrate and deal with stress. It was a fantastic opportunity to work with young kids.


Our collections include mostly quality drink coasters based on the artwork and photographs of our founder. We have had a good response from locals and expats who are pleased with their purchase of our unique drink coaster designs. Our gift items can be found in homes in Singapore, India, the Philippines, Japan, China, Norway, the USA, and maybe many more countries that we may not know. If you choose them for your home decor it will help bring Singapore into your home. 



Kallang Leisure Park

October 25, 2018, 10 AM - 8 PM