Are you a business looking for innovative and unique ways to bolster CSR portfolios, increased brand awareness and drive more revenue to your company ?. Look no further. With our fully customizable Singapore themed coasters and home decor products you will be able to leave a lasting impression of Singapore. If you don't take our word for it, see first hand how we helped Agrocorp increase their brand awareness, and bolster their existing CSR portolio.

Agrocorp-Corporate Logo with Tagline-Pan
  1. Acrylic samples looked much more appealing and lightweight. They had a more aesthetic appearance compared to the others. The idea to proceed with a Singapore designed corporate gift was more geared to gifting our foreign customers and clients with an intention to leave a lasting impression of Singapore, where the headquarters of Agrocorp is located.

  2. Yes, definitely! Showing a brand name on the packaging as well as the main product sends out a positive message about the company’s branding and name. It allows the brand logo and name to remain in one’s memory, which helps create strong brand awareness.

  3. Agrocorp is committed to serve the society and help the needy. Hence any support from our end is always considered to be beneficial and also plays a major role in our Corporate Social Responsibility.

  4. We prefer the Singapore Themed Coasters as they blend well with our main headquarter location in Singapore.



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