Shipping FAQ

Frequently asked questions

How are Shipping Rates calculated?

Shipping rates are calculated by estimated weight of products and are based on rates provided by SingPost. For any rates related questions, please do feel free to checkout the SingPost links below for further clarity as to how shipping rates are added to initial cost of products at checkout!. Shipping within SG: Shipping overseas:

How long does it take to process and ship the order?

All orders are packaged and sent to SingPost within 24 hours after the order is placed. Shipping within Singapore For normal shipping within Singapore, orders will take 1-2 working days to get from SingPost office to customer. However, if registered shipping option is selected orders will take 2-3 working days to get from SingPost office to customer Shipping outside Singapore: In terms of shipping outside Singapore initially we had contemplated setting up shipping for London and U.S, however, after visiting the SingPost office and getting the rates for a few of the products. Arzoo Arts Collective has decided that the scope of shipping for 2019 will be limited to Singapore and India only. The main rationale in limiting shipping to Singapore and India is due to the significant burden shipping places on customers in U.S and London. However, the shipping scope may change in the future. For normal shipping to India, orders will take 5-8 working days to get from SingPost office to customer. In terms of registered shipping option it will take 5-10 working days to get from SingPost office to customer.

What is the difference between Normal/Standard Shipping and Registered Shipping?

Main difference between the two types of shipping is price, how soon you need the product and day the item is delivered. Normal/Standard delivery is basically normal postage, you will not be notified of exact day that package arrrives, so as a consumer you will not be able to track how the product is delivered. However, in SG this shipping is safe in the sense that within 1-3 day timeframe you willl get the package- just don't know what day. Registered Shipping is a bit of a more costly postage in the sense that instead of being not clued in about when product reaches your doorstop, you will have the ability to track the package on the Singpost Package using the delivery reciept which we will provide to you. Invoice is sent digitally, however, since we have to post package manually shipping reciept is not set in stone dependant on SingPost rates, given that Wix does not have proper shipping integration as yet in SG. However, this option in SG takes same timeframe to reach your doorstep but is more costly. For countries beyond the scope of Singapore this is one of the more efficient options as you will be able to track and make sure that your package does not get lost somewhere. Only thing that is similair in two methods of shipping is the fact that package will come to your doorstep, mailbox so there is no need as such for you to go to SingPost Office.



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